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Top-Notch A/C Maintenance Service in Cal City, CA

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Just like your car, your air conditioning unit also needs a routine tune-up to function properly. It shouldn’t be considered as an optional task that should only be done when you have enough spare time or spare budget to hire an A/C maintenance service in Cal City, CA

If you haven’t had a system tune-up for years or planning to install a new system, it’s time to avail a maintenance plan. At All Heart Heating & Cooling, you can get a maintenance plan that fits your requirements and budget. Please give us a call to learn more about our tune-up service.

What Happens When You Skip on A/C Maintenance?

The maintenance tasks usually include inspecting the system for damages, calibrating the thermostat when needed, cleaning dirty A/C components, and lubricating moving objects.

If these tasks aren’t performed once in a year, you’re opening yourself to various unpleasant consequences, including the following:

Unexpected breakdown

Imagine chilling out at home on a hot sunny day when your A/C suddenly stopped working. Chances are, you’re going to get frustrated. Unexpected breakdown happens because minor A/C issues were left unnoticed and unresolved, developing into problems that could halt your system’s operation. 

High-cost major repair 

Without A/C maintenance, minor A/C issues may develop into costly, major repairs. For example, the lack of lubrication can cause the fan to break, leading to a compressor failure. Part of A/C maintenance in Cal City, CA is lubricating moving components. Therefore, if you perform the tune-up, it can prevent the compressor from failing. 

Increasing energy bills

An air conditioning unit uses a lot of electricity to operate. And it may consume more power to work when there are problems with the system, such as clogged air filters, duct leaks, and low refrigerant charge. For instance, the heated and cooled air may escape if the ductwork has holes or cracks. Your unit would have to work harder to meet the demand of your thermostat, which results in a high electric bill.

Uncomfortable space

An air conditioning unit with blocked air vents, clogged air filter, leaky ducts, mispositioned thermostat, or any other issue will still blow cold air. But there are instances that the presence of A/C issues causes the system to cool your space unevenly. So you might have cold or hot spots at home, which can be uncomfortable.

Poor indoor air quality

Specifically, if the air filter is caked with dirt and you still haven’t cleaned them, it won’t be able to trap air pollutants effectively. Dust, dirt, and allergens may be circulating in the indoor air. 

Are you willing to face the ugly consequences mentioned above? If not, call in professional technicians to service your unit. 

Call Us Today For an A/C Maintenance Service in Cal City that’s Worth Your Time and Money!

Many homeowners often skip on maintenance, thinking it’s only a waste of time and money, or worse, a scam made by people in the HVAC industry. In reality, you may be wasting more money and time by not getting a routine tune-up. Also, you may face inconveniences brought about by sudden A/C malfunction and the need to hire a repair technician.

Getting an A/C maintenance service in Cal City is one of the keys to experiencing uninterrupted comfort in the summer. Contact our team at (661) 727-7301 All Heart Heating and Cooling for a maintenance service that meets your needs and budget.