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Best Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Llano, CA

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Indoor air pollutants are the number one environmental threat to your family’s health and wellness.

The good news is that All Heart Heating & Cooling has the products and services to help you improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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5 Signs You Have Dirty Indoor Air

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common health problems facing humankind today. Worryingly, it can go undetected because its effects are often chronic and may not show up for years to come.

Here are five ways to tell that you’re breathing dirty indoor air.

1. You have respiratory issues

According to research published by The National Academies Press, over 68 million U.S. residents are affected by indoor air pollution each year—and it’s the number one cause of sick building syndrome. If you’re suffering from respiratory problems, such as congestion, coughing, or sneezing, it could be a sign that the air in your home is making you sick.

2. You suffer from fatigue and lethargy

Often described as “brain fog,” poor indoor air quality has also been linked to chronic fatigue and lethargy. Excessive levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may cause you to feel exhausted and less productive. VOCs can come from sources, such as building materials, fresh paint, carpets, and furniture. Air purifiers are among the best indoor air quality solutions in Llano, CA that can easily detect if your indoor environment has excessive levels of volatile organic compounds.

3. You catch every cold and flu virus going around

Sickness at home can be pretty inconvenient for everyone. But worse still, it means they are likely infecting other family members who are more vulnerable to the effects of bad indoor air quality. The air in your home is stagnant, and the germs lurking around could be making you or some family members sick.

4. You constantly notice weird smells indoors

A strange odor inside your home may be an indication that it’s time to call professional services for help—but it’s also worth investigating whether you might have bad indoor air quality. If you can’t detect the smell and where it comes from, check your home for mold and persistent chemical odors. There are many potential sources of foul smells, including water damage, faulty wiring, or pets, so this one requires some detective work!

5. Other Health Problems

Common wisdom says that children get more colds than adults—but this is likely a result of living in a home with poor indoor air quality. While children’s immune systems aren’t yet fully developed, they still spend more time indoors during their formative years and are therefore more vulnerable to the effects of bad indoor air.

Trusted IAQ Solutions in Llano, CA

If you experience any of these issues above, then there might be issues with your indoor air. Don’t wait until it’s too later before you take action.

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