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The heater performs an essential role during the winter. If it fails to function, people inside your home will feel less comfortable because of the cold weather. If you find yourself in this situation, then schedule a heating repair in Cal City, CA right away. We can fix the problem professionally and efficiently at the best possible rate.

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Things to Check When Your Heating System Fails

Does your heater suddenly stop working? It could happen due to a variety of reasons. Here are some things that you must check before calling a heating contractor for heating repair in Cal City, CA:

Air Filter

Your heating system’s filter catches dust particles carried by air and prevents them from reaching the other parts. It also produces heat distributed throughout your house through vents. To ensure efficient performance of your heating system, inspect its filter and clean if necessary.

The manual instruction comes with instructions for this task. When cleaning it, remember not to break or bend its frame because these damages will cause malfunctions in your system’s fan or blower motor.

Pilot Light

The pilot light ignites your furnace when you turn on the switch. It stays lit even after the system has ignited. If you usually hear a clicking noise while turning on your heater but still feel no heat coming from it, inspect the pilot light to see if it was shut off or blew out.

To relight it, just push its tip with a long matchstick and watch for flame at its end. If it does not relight, then you need to call a contractor for quality heating repair in Cal City, CA.

Gas in the Tank

The tank that stores the gas has its own thermostat that turns off the appliance if it detects the fuel is running out. If you hear rattling noise while turning on your heater but does not light up, this is one of the signs that there is not enough gas stored in your tank. It even stops your unit from functioning correctly. You need to fill up some more or call an HVAC contractor to do this task for you.


Before calling for heating repair in Cal City, CA, you need to check that your furnace thermostat has not malfunctioned or stopped working. It may lack power or installed improperly. To find out if there are problems with your system’s wiring, switch off its main power source and then turn on the circuit breakers one by one until the lights dim over your panel. If there are problems, call a contractor right away.


The furnace fan draws air from outside and circulates it inside the house through vents using a motor belt. If you don’t hear any clicking sound or feel hot air flowing into your room for long periods, then it may be time to call a heating professional for help. A broken blower can cause problems with the heating system’s other parts like ignitor, gas valve, burners, and even flame sensor.

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If the suggestions above do not solve your heating problem, please call us at All Heart Heating  Cooling. We will send an HVAC contractor to provide you with the best heating repair in Cal City, CA. Dial 661-310-3747.