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Have you been having issues with your heat pump? In cases where it’s running constantly or not starting at all, there’s a good chance you could have a refrigerant leak. But no worries! All Heart Heating & Cooling provides quality heating repair in Rosamond, CA and the nearby areas.

When you need help with your heat pump unit, call us. We’re here to make sure that everything’s taken care of and done quickly so there are no costly repairs or damage!

Signs Your Heat Pump Has a Refrigerant Leak

There is no do-it-yourself solution for the high cost of repairing your heat pump’s refrigerant leak. Sure, it may be tempting to make this quick fix on your own, but we strongly discourage you from attempting to recharge your system without an HVAC professional present. Call the experts to perform inspection or heating repair in Rosamond, CA.

Check for these common signs of a refrigerant leak:

Strange Smell

Check for strange smells inside or outside your home. If your unit is leaking, the gas making up the refrigerant will likely become exposed to the air before it can be re-absorbed by the compressor, resulting in chemical reactions that produce an odor similar to chlorine. It can also harm your health once not addressed and resolved earlier.

Strange Noises

Heat pumps can make some level of noise when turned on or off. But if your unit is making unusual noises, such as a clunking or knocking noise, it could be a sign that refrigerant is being released from the compressor due to a leak.

Schedule a heating repair in Rosamond, CA with the pros to get the problem fixed before it goes major.

System is Running Constantly

If your heat pump is constantly running, there’s a good chance it might be attempting to compensate for a refrigerant leak by not allowing any refrigerant to remain in the evaporator coil.

This problem is hard to solve and no DIY fixes can resolve it. You need professional attention for heating repair in Rosamond, CA.

Low Refrigerant Levels

This may indicate a leak if you find yourself running out of refrigerant way too quickly. Your heat pump system will typically require a certain amount of refrigerant per month to keep running correctly, and if it’s not putting out that much heat, then you may have a refrigerant leak.

Frequent Refrigerant Charging

If your unit loses too much refrigerant over time, the system will likely require regular servicing. Your heat pump might have leaks, and an inspection is needed. Your technician will typically find it necessary to recharge (fill up) the system with more of the liquid refrigerant or perform a heating repair in Rosamond, CA when there’s a worse problem that causes the leakage.

Call All Heart for Fast and Dependable Heating Repair!

If you notice any of these signs, there is something wrong with your heat pump. Schedule a service appointment with us at All Heart Heating & Cooling. We will perform diagnostic tests and pinpoint the cause of any problems or concerns you may have with your unit.

Dial 661-310-3747 today to schedule heating repair in Rosamond, CA, or learn more about our services.