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Air conditioners are complex machines composed of different working parts. If one of those parts runs faulty, the entire operation can be compromised, and your system may run into trouble.

All Heart Heating & Cooling provides A/C repair in Llano, CA and the nearby areas. You don’t have to worry when your air conditioner breaks down; we can repair it no matter the issue, no matter the size.

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Watch Out for These A/C Problems

A/C repair can be costly, and the expense can go higher when you let your system work in a poor state. Further damage can come into play over time. So watch out for these common A/C issues that require immediate fix:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant serves as the blood of your A/C. If your equipment leaks or has insufficient refrigerant, it will not function well. The temperature in your home will fluctuate, which causes poor comfort. If you are positive that your system leaks coolant, call for A/C repair in Llano, CA. It’s also recommended to have a technician checking the refrigerant level annually.

Thermostat Issues

Cooling problems can sometimes root from your thermostat. You often blame your air conditioner when its cooling capacity decreases, but you don’t know your thermostat can also be the culprit. Make sure the temperature setting is turned on and set right.

Also, clean the device and keep it away from direct sunlight. Check its battery as well for a replacement. If you do all these steps and nothing works, schedule an air conditioning repair. Your equipment will definitely be the problem.

Parts Failure

The vital parts, such as contactor, breaker, fuse, capacitor, compressor and coils can be damaged over time. They play a crucial role in keeping your system running in peak performance and keep your home cool.

While an A/C repair can help solve the issues, those vital parts need maintenance and must be checked regularly to avoid costly problems.


The drainage can be clogged with dirt, lint, dust, and other forms of debris. As a result, the drain pan is filled up, and water leaks out. The leakage can cause damage to your air conditioner and other parts around the pan. Before things get worse, immediately call the pros for A/C repair jobs.

Malfunctioning Outdoor Component

Even if outdoor components are built to last, they are susceptible to failure like typical air conditioners. They are prone to damages caused by harsh weather conditions, falling debris, vegetation, and other outdoor elements. It’s best to schedule annual maintenance and A/C repair to keep its performance.

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A/C repair is the job you should leave to the professionals’ hands. Results can be better when your system is serviced professionally.

All Heart Heating & Cooling is the name you can trust for the best A/C repair in Llano, CA. We service all makes and models of air conditioners. Call us at 661-310-3747 to set an appointment.