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When your air conditioning unit stops working, it doesn’t mean you have to get a replacement. Most of the time, getting an A/C repair service in Cal City, CA can help get your unit back up and running.

At All Heart Heating & Cooling, we have technicians who have been hired to fix A/C problems of all types and complexities many times. With the experience, constant training, and innovative tools, our team of techs can surely fix the problem of your A/C too!

Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Making High-Pitched Whistling Noise?

Does your air conditioning unit whistle when it’s on? If yes, you should call in professionals. A whistling noise is usually an indication of a problem in the unit. We’ve listed below the possible reasons for your A/C whistles.

Blocked return vents

The return vent is what pulls air to be cooled in the A/C unit. This part is usually installed in an open area. It can be blocked by furniture or by accumulated debris. When it is blocked, it needs to work harder to pull sufficient air to the unit. You’ll hear whistling sound because of the high-pressure, high-speed air that moves through the return ductwork. 

Clogged air filter

When the air filter is caked with dirt, the airflow will be restricted. It will force the blower to work harder to circulate air and cause a whistling sound. You can clean or replace the filter and see if it stops the whistles. 

Leaky ducts

If you have a ducted-type A/C, it’s possible that the whistling comes from leaky ducts. Ductwork usually has many joints that need to be sealed properly. Over time, the seal may develop cracks. Air will pass through them, creating a whistling sound. You may need to call a professional A/C repair tech in Cal City, CA to fix the problem.

Partially or fully closed dampers

Dampers are a device that you can use to prevent the air from flowing into unoccupied rooms. Closing one of your dampers won’t make any huge difference. But if multiple dampers have been closed, it can cause a whistling sound. 

Don’t Ignore the Whistles from Your A/C!

It’s not normal for an air conditioning unit to make a high-pitch whistling sound. When it does, something is definitely wrong with it, and you should take action to fix it.

Most causes of whistling are easy to resolve. What’s challenging is figuring out the problem. Without sufficient knowledge about air conditioning systems, it may take you too much time to spot the issue. 

The sure-fire, fast way to fix the problem is to call in professional cooling technicians to check your system. Not only can you save time, but you can guarantee that your living/working environment will be free from the A/C’s high-pitch disturbing and annoying whistling sound. 

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An air conditioning unit can make all sorts of odd sounds – banging, buzzing, clanking, clicking, whistling, humming, rattling, and whistling to mention a few. Whatever weird sound your A/C is making, our technicians here at All Heart Heating & Cooling will be able to determine and fix the problem. So you can get back your comfort and peace.

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