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A/C Repair Rosamond, CA

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One hot afternoon and then your A/C stopped working. This is the last thing you need, especially with the blazing summer heat. If you need your air conditioner repaired fast, then you need quick and reliable emergency A/C repair Rosamond, CA

At All Heart Heating & Cooling, we realize that this is an emergency and will address the problem right away. Some of the most common reasons why customers call for A/C repairs are the following:

  • Strange and disturbing noises while the air conditioner is running or during operation
  • Air conditioning system won’t run or turn on
  • Warm air comes out of the vents
  • A/C is humming but isn’t working properly
  • Fan is working but the compressor has malfunctioned
  • Water is leaking right below the air conditioning system

Reason Why Your A/C Has Malfunctioned

It’s easy to identify the above warning signs but it can be challenging to determine what’s wrong internally.

Here are the top reasons why your air conditioning system needs emergency repairs done:

  • A/C isn’t turning on.If your air conditioner has no power, it could be overheating or faulty wiring that triggers the air conditioner to shut off.Our team of expert technicians can help you with this by checking the condition of your A/C and making sure that nothing is blocking the airflow in the outdoor unit, resetting the circuit breakers, and fixing the damage on wirings. 
  • Damaged fan belt.If the fan belt is damaged or is worn-out then you’ll hear a squeaking or squealing sound. Make sure to call on a professional technician for repair before the belt snaps which may cause costly repairs.
  • Refrigerant leaks. If your refrigerant is leaking then that already warrants an emergency repair. It’s dangerous for the environment and toxic for all home occupants as well. If you have persistent problems with refrigerant leaks, don’t hesitate to call on the experts on A/C repair Rosamond, CA of All Heart Heating & Cooling who can provide you the best solutions to fix those stubborn leaks for good.
  • Frozen evaporator coils. If your air conditioner has been on continuously overnight or if you have poor air circulation at home then this can freeze your evaporator coils. When this happens to you, turn off your A/C and contact us so we can make the emergency repairs on your air conditioning system and prevent future problems.
  • Defective fan motors.Damage to your fan motor may need replacement. It’s very important to have this issue fixed right away to improve air circulation at home.
  • Defective compressors.If your air conditioning system is working and yet still blows warm air then this may be due to a damaged compressor. 
  • Clogged drains. A lot of things can clog your drains such as dirt, dust, insects, and other debris which can clog the drain and lead to water damage in the long run. 

Your HVAC Emergency is a Priority!

Whenever you encounter failure in your air conditioning units, you have to call on our expert and reliable technicians who can zap all your air conditioner woes immediately!

At All Heart Heating & Cooling, we repair all makes and models of air conditioning brands and can handle quick and thorough repairs when you need things done fast.

Contact us now at 661-310-3747 for fast and reliable A/C repair in Rosamond, CA