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Don’t lose your cool, especially in the heat of the summer! At All Heart Heating & Cooling, we make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable indoors, even during the hottest months of the year.

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A/C Maintenance Checklist this Summer

Here’s a checklist of A/C maintenance curated by the cooling experts from All Heart Heating & Cooling:

Check Your Unit’s Filters

Filters that are clogged or dirty can cause numerous HVAC problems as they make the system work harder in pulling air inside the unit. 

All Heart Heating & Cooling recommends this specific task to be done at least every three months, perhaps even monthly, if your A/C unit is frequently used. A good indicator that the air conditioner’s filters need to be changed is if the covers over the intakes in the house are dusty.

Clean the Exterior Condenser/Compressor

If debris gets into the compressor or its housing, the system loses efficiency and is more susceptible to sudden failures. Follow these steps for A/C maintenance in Rosamond, CA to have this part cleaned:

  • Turn Off the Compressor.When cleaning the compressor, you’ll put yourself in danger with an active fan blade spinning. So be sure to turn the unit off at its shut-off box. Shut off the circuit breaker switch leading to the air compressor as well. This ensures that the unit doesn’t turn on while it’s being cleaned.
  • Remove Debris from the Unit. Open the compressor’s top with a screwdriver or wrench then use a vacuum cleaner or clean by hand to remove the debris. However, if you choose to work on it, wear gloves as protection for your hands.
  • Clean and Straighten the Fins. Spray the fins from the inside of the A/C unit, with a hose. This will force the dirt and dust out. Use a flathead screwdriver or butter knife to straighten out bended or warped fins. It will improve airflow and reduce strain on the unit.
  • Clean the Area Surrounding the A/C Unit.Trim any high-growing grass and remove other possible obstructions. At least two feet of clear space is the standard.
  • Reassemble the A/C Unit.Replace the air compressor’s cover and secure it in place. Turn the circuit breaker and the compressor’s switch back on.

Check the Air Ducts

Inspect for holes or blockages that put extra strain on the air handling unit. Damage to A/C unit ducts may be caused by pest infestations, condensation damage, accidental mishandling of ducts, and duct corrosion.

Inspect Refrigerant Tubing

These are small metal tubes that run from the exterior condenser/compressor to the air handling unit. They help control your home’s temperature. Unfortunately, refrigerant tubing leak requires professional HVAC repair and A/C maintenance in Rosamond, CA as soon as possible. 

Check the Evaporator Coil

Turn off the system and inspect the evaporator coil. To do this, you may need to remove some duct tape from the coil housing’s cover and/or loosen a few screws.

Discoloration on the evaporator coil is typical. Just make sure there is no dirt or debris on the coil. Clean the coil with a soft brush and spray it with a specially formulated coil cleaner (check your hardware specialty stores). A runoff will accumulate in the drain pan, which you need to clean out as well.

Pour a bleach or water mixture down the drain pan to kill any growing bacteria and algae. Wear goggles, gloves, and other protective gear to prevent skin irritation from these chemicals.

Need Help with A/C Maintenance?

If you are looking for a local HVAC company for the annual maintenance of your AC units, then look no further. All Heat Heating & Cooling is your friendly local expert for A/C maintenance in Rosamond, CA. Dial (661) 727-7786 now.