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Professional A/C Installation in Cal City, CA

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It’s incredible to have a cool place to go home after having fun under the sun. If you’re planning to install an A/C or replace your existing unit, All Heart Heating & Cooling is here to lend a helping hand.

Our technicians will come fully equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience to complete an A/C installation job in Cal City, CA right the first time. 

A Guide to Finding the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Shopping for an air conditioning unit can be a bit overwhelming. Besides, according to Statistica, there were more than 5 million air conditioners shipped in the U.S. in 2020. That’s a lot!

In terms of the most popular type, room air conditioners take the top spot, but it doesn’t mean it also suits your space and requirements. 

Air conditioning units differ in various factors – type, cooling capacity, features, etc. You have to take into account every factor to find the right A/C.

A/C Type 

You’ll find many types of air conditioning systems in the market today, including the following:

  • Central A/C (Ducted System). It can be a split type or a packaged type. The split type comes with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, while the packaged type houses all components in a single casing. It’s ideal for cooling multiple rooms at once.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits.It does not need ducts to move air around, small and compact, and can be easily installed. It’s a good choice if you’re only cooling a single room, as this type of A/C only cools the space where it is installed.
  • Portable Air Conditioners. This unit is very mobile and does not need installation. It’s an ideal option if you want fast cooling without a lot of fuss. 

There are many other types of A/C, so you have to do your homework and get familiar with every A/C option available in the market. This way, you won’t miss excellent options.

A/C Size

Does your air conditioning unit need to cool a large building with multiple rooms or just one small room?

You have to consider the size of the space to be cooled as air conditioning units come with a specific cooling capacity. The A/C’s cooling capacity should match the requirement of the room to be cooled. Otherwise, you’re bound to face countless consequences of choosing an A/C that’s bigger or smaller than the space to be cooled.

While there are online A/C sizing calculators out there, it is still best to get an opinion of a professional A/C Installation company in Cal City, CA. There are many things to consider in addition to the length and width of a room. You also need to take into account the height of the ceiling, the type of insulation, the number of windows, and many more.

A/C Features

Modern air conditioners are equipped with incredible features. Some are designed to save energy, while others are added to provide maximum comfort. You have to list what you need in an A/C. Here are some to get you started:

  • If you’re planning to install the A/C in an environment that doesn’t allow noise, it helps to find an A/C with soundproofing features or is designed to operate at the lowest possible decibels.
  • A smart or programmable thermostat may be ideal for homeowners who are frequently away from home, as these types of thermostats allow you to set the temperature right even when you cannot physically adjust the setting.
  • If your indoor air quality is poor, you can choose an A/C with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. 

Call the Experts!

For any A/C installation needs in Cal City, CA, you can rely on All Heart Heating & Cooling. Our team understands how significant your A/C is, so we ensure every tech will handle your unit with care.

Furthermore, our trained techs have the knowledge and experience to install the A/C properly at all times. If you can’t make up your mind on what A/C to get, our experts can also help! Contact us at (661) 727-7301 to schedule an appointment today.